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Isn't it satisfying how you can hold the bucket under the beetles, wave your hand threateningly over their airspace, and watch them drop cooperatively into the bucket?

Love using that little evasive maneuver to my advantage!

I, too, get disturbed by drowning the many beetles. When picking them off one by one, I quickly decapitate them with my thumbnail, thinking this is a merciful death - but it's not practical where there are dozens.

I don't hold it against the beetles - it's not their fault they got transplanted here. People are. They're just doing what they do, as are all the other critters nibbling on my plants. They all deserve as merciful a death as possible... but alas, I cannot always give it.

But when it comes to choosing between bugs and plants... it's pretty easy.

I hate Japanese beetles! It's a constant race between them and my daughter to pick her favorite black raspberries. Nice to see you blogging again Lisa. Hope to see you soon at the Wednesday pilot market :)

I've found the Japanese Beetles in flagrante with multiple amours on a single, innocent grape leaf. Their soapy doom teaches them an object lesson. i used to crush the little dears, between thumb and forefinger, or with some handy pliers, but that distracting crack-squish effect was a little more vivid than I liked. As you say, milky spore. It propagates over the years, so one pattern banging the stick on the ground should do you forever.

Go get 'em Lisa!!! There are some particularly evil biting flies in the jungle that we regularly set fire to - much to the horror one season of a newby student (vegetarian) who felt that all creatures should live long and healthy lives - until she spent a couple hours being attacked by these damn things. Then we couldn't get the Bic away from her as she roasted every one she could reach! Oh yeah! Reality strikes again!

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It is nice to see someone else who tries to get rid of bugs without chemicals, although at times the bugs can be very frustrating. Last year some sort of beetle killed my squash plants, so I can understand why you need to get these pesty bugs off your cabbage. Best of luck.

Kelli (eruditeeats)

I disagree with you Kelli,even I've tried to get rid of bugs without chemicals but I've seen my efforts gone in vain and the Japanese beetles are big suckers. It's difficult to get rid of them sometimes without chemicals but I will try the chemical free method suggested in this blog and see what happens. Will post my results.

You could use water with a tinge of soap and spray it in your plants to kill the insects in your garden.

You can buy praying mantis's from garden centers which do a great job of ridding insects now.

I'm pleased to see you're taking good care of your garden. I really like the way you managing everything. Just keep up updating helpful information. Thanks

your garden looks amazing you taking good care of it

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