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I love roasted veggies...asparagus and green beans are some favorites around here...but I'll have to do the bok choy...maybe a tiny bit of sesame oil?

Great idea – I never thought of roasting bok choy. (And I agree cauliflower rocks when roasted.)

Maybe try some black vinegar and pepper with the bok choy; sort of roasted hot and sour bok choy?

cut side down or cut side up? or does it matter? or do your turn them over? sounds great!

Put the cut side up if you use a broiler. In the above case I was using a boiler, and I wanted the cut side to brown a bit on the edges. I'd start cut-side up with roasting, too.

There's a recipe in Vegetables Every Day called "Sesame Glazed Baby Bok Choy" that is basically pan-seared baby bok choy halves that are then glazed with a teriyaki-style sauce. Quick, easy (esp if you have jarred teriyaki sauce), and very tasty. But maybe I'll try roasting it next time I have some.

Looks delicious this roastin bok choy! I’ve been on a big recipe “kick” lately, as I have been trying to expand my diet beyond the same old. Doesn’t look to hard to make either, so thanks for that.



I roast everything in my oven now. Add olive oil, salt and pepper and I'm good to go. I stopped eating meat a few months ago. Not a life changing moment just discovered some great vegetarian items that cook in the over at the same time and temp as most veggies. This is the best "diet" that I've never been on.

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