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This looks like a great breakfast- much better than the pancakes and bacon I had this morning!

That's a great looking breakfast. I'm a big fan of chorizo.

Ooh what a delicious breakfast. It has my mouth watering.

My husband will definitely be a fan of this - looks delicious!!

Take care,
-- Chelsey

That looks so good. My husband, especially, would love it!

I found your blog doing a search for Detroit Food Blogs, because I am a food blogger moving from Washington state to the Detroit area and wanted to get a head start connecting with some local food bloggers! I thought maybe you, being one, could point me in the right direction to some others as well? Thanks!

Nicole @ orwhateveryoudo

Great breakfast, especially in winter. This is a fantastic hot meal to start the day with.

Healthy and good for breakfast. Thanks for sharing this mouth-watering photo and recipe.

Ça c'est ce que j'appelle un breakfast "plantureux" et savoureux qu'on ne peut effectivement se permettre que le weekend. Pour ma part, j'adore le chorizo et l'oeuf au plat, un grand classique à la maison ! Françoise

Great breakfast idea, thanks for the recipe. My hot sauce of choice on this will be Tapatio.

I took a closer look at the photo because it is really yummy and really good for my breakfast. Thanks for the recipe.

Now I have my breakfast plans set for this coming weekend :) Thanks for sharing

Wow makes me wish I like eggs. I think I will make these for our next family brunch.

I like the southwest theme, looks divine. Can't go without the Tabasco :)

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