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What a lovely tribute to your grandmother's baking. I hope the recipes work well for you.

That is a lovely post! It is so interesting how mass produced food changed so much. I don't doubt that it made women's lives so much easier and that is important, of course, but still...homemade is so much better.

Lovely memory. i'd love to help you make and eat some of your Grandma's cookies sometime! And what kind of cookie is that pictured? I don't recognize it. a ginger cookie?

@Julie: just the Pepperidge Farms gingerman cookies.

What a lovely post!

Brings back happy memories!

My husband told me that his grandma make the best chocolate chip cookies and he was also sad that she already passed. In Thailand we also like cookies, and I try some American chocchips in the store. They are OK, but of course we prefer our original Thai recipe! Your blog is nice, I am reading more today. :) Joy

Such happy memories :)

I never was close to my grandmas because they died when I was still very small...anyway, lovely post...nice to hear of your lovely memories!

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