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Just picked up some of The Brinery's kimchi today at the Farmers Market - Absolutely fantastic!

I love that there are such amazing new food products popping up in Ann Arbor. I often refer to the early 80's as the beginning of a local Food Revolution, when we started Al Dente Pasta and other companies like Zingerman's, Clancy's Fancy, Monahans, Coffee Express began. Sure seems like we are in the midst of a Second Revolution and it could not be any more exciting. After almost 30 years in business, it's fun to witness a new generation of creative, energetic, inspired younger people pushing the boundaries. And, it's really fun that they come to me for advice. I love that, too.

I'll be there, thanks for this notice, because I never would have known about it!

Update: the event is now SOLD OUT!

It was great fun, for all that (because?) I only stayed for about half an hour. I work with Kristen and Ji Hye of San Street, and it's great to see their hard work on this project start to pay off. To be sure, it didn't hurt that the pork buns were delicious. Eat wasn't bad, either--their bison sloppy joe has started to give me a new appreciation for cole slaw (it comes and goes something like every year). Great use of the Pot and Box space, where I'd never been before!

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