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They look beautiful! How does your back feel?

Great post - I am going to pick strawberries!!

we finally have strawberries on the west side of the state too! I picked some up at the farmer's market this morning. Soooo good!

I was so happy to see strawberries at the market today! Now I need to hunt down the best u pick up here in Traverse City. What are your plans for yours?

I picked up two quarts of strawberries at the Farmer's Market this morning, but now I want to go pick my own, quarts and quarts and MORE quarts of them!

Did you make jam?

I made 15 250ml jars of jam (strawberry and strawberry-lemon marmalade) and a batch of strawberry ice cream. OMG! Why haven't I done that before! Homemade strawberry ice cream is the bomb.

I have yet more strawberries to process. I want to make some balsamic strawberry jam. I froze a large number because I was going to lose them.

I didn't know there was a U-Pick so close to Ann Arbor! I'm taking a class on canning/preserving foods this weekend so I'll have to stop by there after to pick my own and try out my canning skills!


We can vouch for the exquisite deliciousness of Lisa's strawberry-lemon marmalade and balsamic strawberry jam - each in its own way is perfection on a croissant! Haven't opened the pure strawberry yet. Thank you, Lisa!

Picking strawberries just seems like a really relaxing task - it doesn't matter if you pick them alone or not. I really appreciate strawberries when they're at a state of perfection - they're just so delicious.

great post. You should check out the story of the founder of Haagen Dazs, Rueben something. he has an interesting story about his hunt for the perfect strawberry.

Do you ever go to the Belleville Strawberry Festival? It is nice day out with the family and they have all types of strawberries - yum.

Thanks for the list of U pick strawberry farms - this is a must do with the family!

Excellent and interesting post!

I'm already looking forward to strawberry season!

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