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Thanks to our gracious and knowledgeable hosts, we have just consumed 5 of the dishes pictured and described above and in the eCurrent review - with gusto and pleasure! Next time, we must try the others, although it will be really really hard not to have these again, they were so good! Thanks, Joe and Lisa! A perfect birthday lunch!

So, I'm assuming that the red menu is translated ?I wish that section of their website was too.

@Jason: yes, it is. Apart from a handwritten insert which is just in Chinese. We list some of the dishes on that insert in our ecurrent.com review, and there are photos above.

@Mom: you're welcome!

Well, now I know where my next 27 Chinese meals are going to be at lol.That picture of the #19 does look similar to the cold jelly I had at Hidden Dragon in Ypsi. I'd love to see you guys try that place out since it's my go to for authentic Sichuan cuisine in Ypsi ( pretty much by default)

Interesting. We've had takeout from Hidden Dragon and been unimpressed, but that doesn't mean anything if they've got a secret menu too. Have to check it out...

I was really tempted on this page by the Pi Pa Tofu, but then in the review I saw it has shrimp. Is the shrimp in the tofu cakes, or can it be left out? Sadly, I am allergic to the little crustaceans :^(

@Tricia: we're pretty sure they're made to order, since they're always the last dish to come out. Theoretically, you should be able to ask them to omit the shrimp. Be careful, though, if a miscommunication could make you ill.

@Joe: Yeah they actually have a full color menu at the cash register in the front. Just ask them for the Chinese menu.

I gotta thank you guys for this article. I had a great meal here on Sunday.

@Jason: what did you get?

@Joe , I just copied off you guys lol. I got the Sauerkraut, Cucumbers in bean sauce, and I thought I had ordered the Noodle with Sour Pickle and Shredded Pork. What I actually got was a soup with pork and pickled greens with noodles. No complaints at all though, especially since they actually have a Chinese take out menu ( something none of the other places seem to offer). Next up on my list are Tea Smoked Duck and Three Cup Chicken.

sounds great! will try this tonight (especially since I just found out that there was a fire at Chia Shiang - our go-to place, thanks to your posts about it - and they will be closed for a while...)

It's officially, this is my new favorite place. Went back there again today.

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