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It all looks and sounds so good that i would be hard pressed to choose - i'll just have to make several trips to taste them all....Hope I can!

Those pictures are amazing! The olive-walnut-pomegranate looks especially intriguing....

We ate dinner there about 10 days ago, after I saw your review. The lamb with apricot was fabulous!

Then after I got home, I was looking in my Middle Eastern cookbook for something else, and came across the Noah's Pudding recipe. And yes, it's related to Noah of Ark fame! Mount Ararat is in Turkey after all.

You can't go wrong ordering whatever her lamb entree of the day is!

One of my favorite places to eat in Ann Arbor. I try to take all out of town guests to Ayse's in addition to my local friends who have never been there! The food is beautiful, delicious, and healthy. Life is good!

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