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Oh my.......must try it.....

Wow, what time did you go that you got this much food? We tried the dim sum on Sunday, arriving at 11:30 when they'd just opened at 11:00 for their first service. The people pushing the carts were practically getting mugged every time they came out the door because there wasn't much food coming out. Everything we had (mostly included here, plus a very nice slice of spice sponge cake we've had in some dim sum restaurants but not in A2) was really very good quality, so I'm hoping that when they work out the staffing and quantity details, it'll be great. On the other hand, we went back Monday for the buffet and, while large, was of poor enough quality that I don't think we'll ever bother with that again. Weird how different the dim sum and buffet quality was.

A bit later than you, more like around 11:45 or 12. We had to chase down the carts for most of the time we were there.

I went to the buffet last night, and won't be back for that. I suspect the menu is much better, and we will definitely try it.

Great photos. They make me hungry!
Best Dim Sum experience I ever had was in Chinatown (New York) at 8 AM. The place was packed and we were the only caucasians in the place, which was a very good sign. They kept adding to the bill in Chinese writing and I tried to mentally tally what we spent although I really had no idea. The whole bill came to $8.00 and change!

WOW I wish this place had been a good experience for me. Valentines day for dinner. 6 tables walked out before us, and we were number 7. Waited 50 minutes and didn't even get the appetizer. I was so sad. They definitely had the traffic to make a great restaurant. Wait staff all looked very confused, saw one girl come out with a tray of food, walk around, go back to the kitchen, then come out again with the same tray and walk around again. I used to manage a restaurant and I really wanted this to be a good experience, but in my book way way way unacceptable. This restaurant was not even close to being ready to open in my opinion. And talking to my Asian friends only more bad stories..... I hope they get it together. They could make a lot of money from what I saw.

Just talked to a friend today that got food poisoning there last week - hit them in the parking lot. Seafood from the buffet, of course. I like dim sum, but I think I'll wait a few weeks for them to get it together, at least for the seafood.

Hmm, food poisoning hitting that quickly? Could be an allergic reaction instead (I speak from experience!)

We went to Asia City for dim sum on Father's Day. Overall, it was excellent -- very tasty, nice variety, and not too expensive. The only disappointment was that they didn't have two of the items pictured above, the Lobster Balls and the Shrimp Paste Around Sugar Cane (and in fact seemed not to have even heard of either dish!). Overall, though, an excellent meal, better than recent times we've been to Great Lake for dim sum.

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