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Looks fabulous!!!!! We must try it!!

Their curry udon is also really good. It is an interesting Japanese curry and not at all what I expected. It has a ton of flavor, but isn't very spicy.

I love the Salmon on the Beach and thought I didn't like cream cheese in a roll until I tried this. It is so good and just melts in your mouth.

Any idea on where the chef came from? Is he Japanese or Korean?

I am glad you included some of the cooked Japanese dishes in your post. The curry probably has whats called Java Curry. It comes in several spice levels and is available in Japanese groceries.

It's unforunate that more people don't have Sashimi. The fish should be the star.

@Ed: There are a number of prepared Japanese curry blocks out there (like the surreally named "Vermont Curry" -- huh?). But I wouldn't blindly accuse a Japanese restaurant of using a product like that without asking. These guys might well make it from scratch. I haven't tried it. On the fish thing: yes, but to do that requires extremely good sourcing and enough turnover to keep it at the peak of freshness. That's hard here, and I haven't been to many restaurants nationally that do it well either. (Weirdly, one of them is in Denver.)

@Chiwei: the owner is Korean, as is at least one of the chefs.

That salmon on the beach looks tasty as well as the chicken appetizer. I will have to give this place a try!

Try the avocado bowl - it's beautiful and oh so tasty! This place is the best for good sushi and the staff is so friendly!

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