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baked hot dog buns (better than it sounds!) - how funny! I forget how this conversation started, but just yesterday my 6 year old was asking me if I'd ever had toasted hot dog buns. "They're really good!" he said. I just had to laugh (internally) at his enthusiasm. Maybe I should take him to Great Lake for dim sum...

Hey, I eat them! (And my lovely wife teases me about it...)

(I guess I should clarify that what we're talking about here is Chinese bun dough baked around half a hot dog, not an actual hot dog bun that's been run through an oven.)

Great Lakes Dim Sum!!!!! Drool.......

shrimp balls...that's funny!

Sadly, Great Lakes' curried squid is often over-cooked. good flavor and easily remedied with closer attention in the kitchen.

Great to see you!

Agreed on the overcooking of the curried squid. That's rarely done correctly anywhere we've had it. I suspect the timing is tricky.

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