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Wow! When we get back from the UK we gotta go there with you guys!

When you're actually in the UK, you shouldn't have any trouble finding food like this. I'm sure there's at least one place in Sheffield, if not several. Jenny and Ray should be able to hook you up.

You guys get all the good stuff. Here in Denver, a city of over 3 million people (and a lot of Indians), we have exactly one South Indian restaurant. I'd be eating at this place every week.

I don't want to drag this off topic, but I travel to Denver for work occasionally. Last time I was there, I found one truly outstanding Japanese place (Domo) and had some great Honduran food from a pupusa cart on Federal. Is there anything else I should check out next time?

Joe -Maybe that great S. Indian place we have all been to in Sheffield will have some of the street food - I have emailed our native informants .... and await with baited breath..

Scott - We envy you your proximity to Domo... we were in Denver for a conference in Feb and took a group there on Joe's recommendation - we all licked our plates clean... now we are all looking for an opportunity to return.

I'm salivating and I can't wait to try it.

Went there last night, and the food was definitely tasty. It will take a while to figure out what to order since the menu is so broad. We started by order what you guys ordered, but next time we'll have to find the more savory items. I guess we're lucky to live 5 minutes away!!!

chiwei: I agree that the Khasta Khachori and the Dabeli Dosa are both on the sweet side. I think I prefer a more savory dosa, but we tried it because the owner created this dosa recipe and we wanted to try something different.

Don't get me wrong, they were definitely tasty. Can't wait for your more comprehensive. I still use the one you did for chia shiang. Anyway, I hear that the paneer chili is off the hook!


Thanks again for an intriguing post. Neehee's sounds like a must try for me.

Thanks for sharing this- the food looks amazing! I live pretty far from Canton, but next time I make a trek out to that big store with the blue & yellow flags, I will have to make a point of going here. The only other restaurant I've been to in Canton is Izakaya Sanpei, another hidden strip mall gem serving authentic Japanese "pub food". I'm guessing you're already familiar, but if not, it's definitely worth checking out.


I found your website by chance when looking for food blogs in Metro Detroit. What great pictures and reviews! Love it!

I just wanted to pass on a link to Operation Frontline's blog, which is a program at Gleaners Community Food Bank. We do nutrition education and cooking classes in Southeastern Michigan. There are more details on the website if interested: www.ofldetroit.wordpress.com.


I'm fortunate enough to have grown up in Canton, MI and still live close by. This place is awesome!

My husband and I go to the Neehee's in Farmington (it's tucked into a strip mall, as well, and has a large sign that says "Suraj Indian Groceries, or something, but definitely "Suraj"). We love it so much, we try to go fairly often. We have tried most of the dosas, and my favorite is the stir fry dosa. It is SO good. My husband really loves the garlic dosa (and also the debali dosa, actually!), with the potato masala. The sambhar soup that comes with the dosas is delicious, but very spicy (love it). They also come with a fabulous coconut chutney and a tomato type chutney. The coconut chutney is my favorite, and I feel extra lucky when I find a delicious, smoky, curry leaf at the bottom. We tried the ice cream last time we were there, and it is amazing. The owner told us that he makes it there, and wow, it is delicious. We had the saffron flavor, and it was so creamy and perfectly sweetened, with just the right amount of saffron. The owners are super nice, too. We aren't Indian, and they have really explained a lot of the menu to us, and been so helpful and friendly. This has gotten really long, but I just can't say enough about how great this place is.

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