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Never thought I would enjoy any duck product. Please tell no one!

Eve on Top Chef? I can't wait to see that! Although I think she already keeps herself busy enough, after the book, now adding lunch. She does it all!

Top Chef is one of my favorite shows and now I'll finally have a local girl to root for. Hooray for Eve! And that gazpacho looks delicious.

I see that the prices are pretty good...that is good b/c I can't afford a dinner there, but I've always wanted to eat there!!
Thanks for spreading the news :)

Montana: it was very fresh gazpacho, nicely chilled (i.e. not too icy cold).

Patti: I ended up taking half the soup and half my sandwich home for lunch the next day, which effectively halves the cost.

I wondered what the lunches at Eve would be like - it was great to hear about this. The PBLT looks to die for.

Patti - also, if you do the bar menu at Eve it's a whole different ball game - that's what we do. I'm talking about during the evenings.

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