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I really wanted to attend this class, but it wasn't in the cards. I was sure that Emily would do a wonderful job, considering how precise her comment are on Eat Close to Home.

Like you, I have those early childhood fears of canning. It really looks like I should give it a shot.

A couple of years ago, I went raspberry picking and whipped up a bunch of no-pectin jam with nothing much more than a big pot and a pair of canning tongs (and jars, of course). I want to make some more this year since I find I don't like store-bought jam much at all, anymore.

It was so nice to get to see you at this event :)

I ate some of the jam that was leftover (i.e. I didn't have enough for a whole jar) and it was awesome! I didn't think the no-pectin thing would work, but shame on me because it did!

Canning rocks!

Its so funny that you mention about canning! My grandma, and mom and sister are experts at it and I've never canned a thing!

I have to take a lesson because I really want to do it. They can green beans, tomatoes, grape jelly, spaghetti sauce, salsa.

Once you learn it I'm sure you will do it over and over again!

Good to know about Preserving Traditions ... we might have to check it out.

We can applesauce every fall ... a couple bushels of seconds makes for delicious applesauce for the year.

I've found this pretty useful ... http://www.uga.edu/nchfp/.

I decided to try canning a few years ago for the first time - it really wasn't that hard! Spice pear jam and Peach butter were my first attempts and came out well. This year I made strawberry jam, Ginger Peach jam and sugar free peach jam. All came out well. Don't be afraid to try it! Don't you all agree?

Oops - Spiced pear. I also meant to say that I have made dilly beans (after having some at a farmers market) and those are really simple too. I just follow the recipe in Joy of Cooking but add more garlic!

Drat, I just missed the cherry pie workshop - I could have used it! (the pie I made tonight had a slight mishap)

I had no canning experience growing up, but my MIL did a lot and so my husband and I ventured into it when we had a big garden at our first house (3 or 4 years into our marriage). My biggest complaint with canning is that you have to generate so much heat and steam when it's so hot outside! (did I mention that first house wasn't air conditioned?) That's probably the main reason I prefer freezing fruit over canning!

L- Thanks for posting about this! I'm so glad you found the workshop useful

Tricia and others worried about a hot kitchen - Come to our open canning days at the grange and steam up THAT kitchen instead! :)


Hmmm, my comment seems to have disappeared...anyway, use Pomona Pectins as they are much higher quality than Ball (you can still use the Ball preserving book, the recipes are good.) I should know, I've been preserving for years.

Kate: I promise we didn't delete your comment. Probably a technical glitch.

Home made is always best ans you people rock....

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