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i was at that demo as well... Kobz Abraj was among my favorite as well. I have been having pretty good luck with the maloui.

Hi Paul. I fell in love with the mlaoui-equivalent in Fes, Morocco. We ate them at breakfast with honey and yogurt-like cheese. The cooks at my riad showed (they didn't speak English or French) me how to make them. I took notes, but never tried to make them myself. Now I think I will be able to make them.

I love that these are dairy-free! Will need to try them some time.

Crazy cool recipe! Thanks!


My dad was Tunisian, and we lived there for a while when I was growing up . My grandmother made those date pastries...and duh! I never found out how to make them, and to be honest, I never even knew what they were called so I could search.

I'm bookmarking... Thanks!

I'm so sorry I missed that demo - didn't even hear it was happening, although I thought I was on the Zingerman's e-mailing list.

You don't have any notes on how to make the skillet flatbread, do you? Or what it's actually called so I can do a search? I've been looking for the flatbread recipe since I was in Morocco four years ago, and I'd love you forever if you had any pointers! The stuff is so perfect with orange marmalade...

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