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Lacking butter, I recently discovered that bacon fat makes for one fine grilled cheese.

Great recipe. My son loves pancakes. This is definately worth a try. Thanks for sharing it.

I've used bacon fat to fry pancakes in, but never put bacon fat into the pancakes themselves before. Mostly because I usually try to cook the pancakes and bacon simultaneously (which is not always successful ;-), so the bacon fat is not available when I'm mixing up the pancakes. I should be good to try it tomorrow morning though. Thanks for the inspiration!

cherydactyl: I did them pretty much simultaneously. I had the pancake dry ingredients and the wet ingredients (minus fat) pre-mixed but separate, started the bacon, and then when the bacon was about half done I spooned out the bacon fat and, after letting it cool a minute, combined it with the wet ingredients, then added that to the dry ingredients to finish the batter. The bacon was done first, but that's the ideal order for me. I don't care if my bacon isn't hot when I eat it, but I do care that my pancakes are hot off the grill.

In my house growing up, there was always a little crock next to the stove to store the bacon fat. It never went rancid because it was used regularly. Pancakes were of course made with this fat, and the handwritten cookbook my mom gave me when I got married includes the pancake recipe that calls for 3 TB bacon fat.

I don't keep a little crock by my stove like my mom did, but on the rare occasion I cook bacon, I try to always find a way to use the fat - in a spinach salad, corn bread, green beans, fried eggs, and especially pancakes.

Full disclosure - we're all basically healthy, but everyone in my family *does* have a weight problem :)

Mmmmm, bacon fat is what dutch pancakes are fried in when you're in the Netherlands...delish.

Sadly, Ralph Snow passed away this winter - hopefully someone else from the family will be at the Farmer's Market booth??

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