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The buffet is very good, and it has a nice rotation of items from day-to-day and week-to-week. Butter chicken and tandori chicken are mainstays. My only complaint would probably be the naan, which never holds up well in a steam tray.

I like Mahek, but I had a disastrous carry-out order from them once. They had stacked the containers on top of each other, and the lid of one of the dishes was too weak to withstand the pressure. It cracked, and curry was everywhere. Rather well took the convenience out of carry-out.

My wife and I are big fans of the lunch buffet -- more so than the dinner service (which can be slow and the food is often cold). The spread has been changing, however, and though it is still well-priced (and often includes many unfamiliar but delicious vegetarian dishes), they have scaled back some of the things that made it special. They still have chai and a nice cardamon scented rice pudding, but I haven't seen the mango juice and nonchicken based meat dishes lately. It is certainly growing more popular and this often means one is fishing through the saag paneer for the cheese or the butter chicken for a piece of chicken. Still, at $7.99 (I think), one can hardly complain. More expensive on the week-ends, but more variety and worth the extra couple of bucks. A quick question: how much should one tip at a buffet?

I tend to tip 10-15% at buffets, 20%ish at meals.

As a former server, I agree with the 10-15% mark. You can also alter it a little based on how much the server does. Is it a buffet where you poor your own drinks, clear your own plates, and never interact with a server? If so, 10% is probably too much. If the server actually serves you (greeting, drinks, clearing table, etc.), then you might trend upward.

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