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One shouldn't neglect Dimo's as well. They still make the best donuts in town, and a passable paczek.

2 pazcki's so far and my stomach is killing me.

Pazcki and Lipitor Breakfast of Champions.

Copernicus still had some out on a table on Wednesday - I suppose I should have gotten some plum or rose ones in the interest of research...

Copernicus gets paczki in at other times around the year, or at least they did last time I asked. I think it was Saturday mornings. So you may still be able to try them...

I actually like the oddball traditional flavors, though KC doesn't.

Thanks for the heads up! I was able to grab some from Copernicus based on your review of them awhile back. My first time trying paczkis! My favorite was the raspberry, but my husband said the strawberry was also very good. (He tried one of each flavor; I couldn't make it past two, unfortunately.)

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