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I love this place...

I second this! Sushi Zen has become an almost once-a-week ritual for us for over a year now and it is always excellent. Plus the staff is always warm and inviting.

Wow! Must try it!!!

Wow, things have changed since I lived in Michigan! That sushi looks fantastic. We're not so lucky in Eugene.

Beautiful presentation! I wish I were sitting at the table right now.

Can you say a thing or two about priceyness (or lack thereof)?

Price is moderate for a sushi bar. We got out for around $60 pre-tip, but we ate a lot: I think the sashimi plate was around $20, each roll was around $12-14 (but they're big), and we also had a bunch of tamago sashimi and I had a hand roll. Maybe something else too.

We LOVE Sushi Zen! :)

this is my favorite sushi restaurant!!!!
great sushi for the price!

Update: went there tonight. It's still good. Had some excellent O-Toro sashimi (as well as Maguro, but that's normal; O-Toro is special).

Truly the best sushi I have had ever..and wonderful staff and ambience. I will certainly be going back.

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