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So what exactly IS the difference between a tart and a pie? Just the shape of the crust? I guess I'll have to visit Housewife Hardware (it was that one, right?) and get a tart pan of my own if it's going to matter...

I was going to try this, subbing pecans (from my Dad's trees in New Mexico) for the walnuts when - horror of horrors! - we discovered we were all out of pecans. Drat. Hopefully I won't have to wait until next year's harvest to try this! (My kids will eat things with pecans, but not walnuts. So much for eating local when it comes to nuts!)

Tricia, tarts are always open-topped, have a narrow depth, and straight vertical sides. They can be removed from their pan for serving and presentation. So I guess they're a specialized type of pie. :-) I was considering making the tart in a pie pan or possibly a springform cakepan if I couldn't get a tart pan.

Re: walnuts
I bet if you baked it and didn't say anything that yours kids would unlikely notice the walnuts. They're not my favorite nut either, but I didn't them with all the pinenuts and the caramel.

We can confirm the deliciousness of your tart, which you generously shared with us on Valentines Day! Outstanding! Thank you!

Your frantic searching for a tart pan sounded exactly like something I would have done (and in fact, did recently do... see my blog for a post about my Valentine's Day near-disaster!) Glad everything worked out. I typically have to start planning DAYS in advance if I want to cook anything remotely fancy, and even then, there's no guarantees I won't be scrambling :P

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