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Neat! Though it would be challenge to figure out how to eat some of the items!

How lucky! I've read about the tubes but can't be convinced that it would be pleasant, no matter how tasty. What did you think?

The tube was delicious. It was all fantastic. My least favorite was the duck with mole, but that was a personal taste preference. Joe loved that one. He loves all things mole. We both were totally amazed by the rhubarb, ginger, basil (shot glass with green liquid and golden ball). The cold potato, black truffle, butter soup was utterly delicious. Really, if I start down this road I'll end up naming all the dishes.

OK! I'll bite (sorry..). How do you eat "the tube" - just dump it out onto your plate? Suck it out from one end?

ooooh....I wanna go to Alinea so badly!

j: yep, you suck it out from one end. The other end has a plug of gelatin which will come loose when enough suction is applied.

Jaden: it's worth it.

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