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Oh now I'm curious where the blackberries are from!!!

Yum! I've never tried clafouti because I'm always put off by the amount of eggs. Does it taste eggy? I don't like eggy tasting dishes.

Jessica: I think the blackberries were from Chile - I know the blueberries were. Or do you mean the store? Meijer. Availability was spotty - they had some on Friday when I stopped in (but couldn't find the turkey sausage that was my main priority) but none on Saturday (when the sausage were in stock, at least until I cleared them out!).

Jessica: I got them at Meijers, though they were running low at the time. Yes, they were imports. No local fresh berries this time of year! :-(

Tricia: It was sort of souffle-like. I put a lot of fruit in it, and with vanilla ice cream melting on top, I wasn't tasting much egg. Joe says he doesn't think it tasted eggy to him, but that he could tell there were eggs in it. Depending on how much you hate eggy-tasting dishes, this one might be marginal.

Thanks for the clar-egg-fication. :^) Maybe some time when I need to make dessert for a crowd I'll try a clafouti - that way, if I think it's too eggy, someone else will probably like it...

Thanks for the recipe. Sounds terrific!

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sounds good - wonder how it would be with really good really dark rum?

Well, everything's better with really good, really dark rum!

Love your blog, made my life in A2 much better. Just FYI, your comment about pitting cherries for cherry clafoutis: traditionally, one doesn't pit the cherries for clafoutis.

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