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Hey! next time you guys go on a taqueria tour, count us in!!! looks and sounds fantastic!!

Sure! Um, who are you?


Fed you your first taco....south of the border..

Sheesh. I knew. I can't believe you couldn't figure it out. :-)

Hey, none of us signed anything "j" when I was growing up! It wouldn't have been helpful!

I've been to Armando before... and totally agree with you. He has something very special there. I used to swing down to this stand on my lunch hour when I worked in the city. I was so happy to see it make a feature on your blog, but it makes me sad because I can't have any!

Great post.

He really was the standout of the day, I think. I normally don't order tacos de pollo because they're generally bland -- but they sure weren't at Armando's!

Speaking as an Ann Arbor/Detroit bi-regional with some involvement in economic development, it seems like a crime that somebody this talented in cooking hasn't gotten some help from the development community or the city to upgrade his business.


A bunch of us from Ann Arbor did your Taco Tour! Two of the places you'd hit were closed, so we had to deviate a little bit, but El Rey de Pollo was the best, hands down. The al pastor meat was beautifully seasoned, and the salsa had just enough bite to augment the grilled meat without overwhelming it. I didn't order the chicken tacos, but my friend said they were incredibly good, and she went back for seconds. I'd recommend this place for sure, and it's well worth a trip from Ann Arbor.

We told Armando about your blog report, and he was psyched, if a little confused. Thanks so much for your taco tour post!

He's still there? That's awesome! It looked like it had changed ownership when we went by.

Or hang on -- where did you find him exactly?

Well, now that I think of it, I didn't ask his name. He and his wife were the owners, but maybe they recently took the place over. At any rate, the tacos were awesome!

What is the name of the attached restaurant? Those tacos look awesome!

The place is El Rey, and it has indeed changed hands from 2008-- back to the previous owners. Address is 4730 W Vernor, Detroit 48209. They're open 10-10 every day.

Thanks Lorna!

Hi everybody! This is Armando, Im glad for all your compliments! I used to grilled chicken at Taqueria el Rey, but we move to El papa de los pollitos, on 4049 w vernor hwy, detroit mi 48209 you can check our facebook page : www.facebook.com/elpapadelospollitosgrilledchicken or call 313-729-2641 Thank you for your preference

Armando and family! Glad you found the old review-- I thought it must have been you! :-) Hope you get all your inspections resolved and progress on to a full service restaurant very soon!

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