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Tomatillos easier to grow than tomatoes? I'm definitely keeping that in mind for next season.

They need good support like tomatoes, otherwise their branches will bend and break with the weight of the tomatillos. Get big cages and they'll do fine.

Beautiful photo! I am drooling.....verde sauce is my favorite...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting about Tomatillos and linking back to your recipe. I've been struggling with making the right kind of salsa and I think a few of the ingredients you mention there are what I've been missing.

On a side note, love your blog. It's actually one of my inspirations to get back to blogging about things I love, including food.

Man...I wish we were there to steal some tomatillos off of you. Shred some chicken into the salsa and heat it for some very yummy (and quick) tacos or enchildadas...

next A2 reunion needs to be during tomatillo season!

This is the first year I've grown tomatillos for ages, and I agree; I'm loving them!

soooo jealous. our heaters came on last night. our tomato plants are not happy.

Julie: you guys aren't that far away. Something could be arranged.

Ryann: we've got to have another reunion! Soon!

Jenny: on the bright side, you do have better beer. And balti.

I love, love, love tomatillos in my salsa! But for some reason, I haven't seen many of them around this season here in Bloomington, Ind. Hmmm.

Great picture! I would have imagined they'd be fussy plants.

Maggie, they are very easy to grow. They do need to be well staked because the fruits will weigh down the branches. Use a large tomato cage. Well supported branches will bear more and larger tomatillos.

poor me, we're having a bad tomatillos season, i can't find much bigger and healthier tomatillos..

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