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Oh awesome! I feel super cool because you now know Heather. I love it when friends connect and that is one of the reasons that I compulsively dinner party!

Your last waffle post almost made me go buy a waffle iron... sigh.

It's funny, because we lost power in that storm and we just went out to replenish supplies and a big one I needed is buttermilk, and the one thing I forgot???

Yup... the buttermilk.

It was fun dining next to a fellow food blogger :)

It's a real shame that Everyday Cook closed. I'm glad we got a chance to eat Chef Brendan's paella. I will miss it.

Your waffles are reminding me to make some too - using pandan extract. I used to get them to-go at Banh Mi shops in California. Those were the days...

Hi there! Sorry I missed out on that lunch.

Does pandan have a flavor, or just add color?

Hi Joe and KC -

pandan (or pandanus)leaves are often referred to as *asian vanilla* - they've got this delicate, earthy -sweet smell to it. I used in place of vanilla beans for a creme brulee not too long ago - came out great. Asian stores will sell little green bottles of imitation pandan flavoring but I find the taste/aroma a bit too artificial. I prefer to use frozen leaves that can also be found next to the other frozen greens. I actually got a hold of some fresh leaves recently and I can share a little bit of it with you... I'll be at the AA Farmer's market this Sat. If either are you are going to be there, please email me.

Thanks! That's interesting -- I've had desserts with pandan at Indonesian restaurants, but have never gotten to play with the actual stuff. Might be fun to make ice cream with... Unfortunately we won't be around this weekend, but we'd be very interested if you have some in the future.

We often do a mix of yogurt plus milk instead of buttermilk - easier to be sure that there's some of both of them around.

Ed, that sounds like a great french toast soaker. Though we rarely have yogurt in the house because we don't consume much dairy products. (Yet buttermilk is a staple? go figure.)

Note to self: next time I'm at the Reuse Center or at the Salvation Army, shop for waffle irons.

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