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I'm sad that it will be closing. I'm glad Everyday Wine will still be in business, though. I hope that Everyday Cook can find another iteration, maybe in the future.

I expect that the chefs will land on their feet. I just hope it's here in Ann Arbor.

Sad news.

Chef Chewy is headed for Napa, so I hear....

Does anyone know if any other restaurants are in trouble?

I've read several news articles about how people are eating out less and I wonder how hard our area is being hit.

I'm sorry to hear about Everyday Cook.

Patti: haven't heard much. I believe Paradise in the Colonade has reported slow business. (So if you like Pho soup, do stop by. They make some of the nicest Pho in the AA area.)

Mom: yes, Chewy's last day at Everyday Cook was a week or so back. I don't recall how soon he is leaving (has already left?) for California.

I would miss Everyday Cook.

I tried to go to EC for lunch today, but the place was packed and they were running out of food - just 3 items left, and none of them sounded good to me. We ended up at Monahan's instead - very good, just not quite the same.

Everyday Lunch's problem was not a lack of business, it was (basically) two things: (1) it wasn't actually designed as a restaurant, and needed significant investment to get set up to work as one long-term, and (2) it didn't have a liquor license, and couldn't get one fast enough because the city decided to take that license for its own golf course.

You probably already know this, but --


"Mary Campbell, owner of Everyday Cook, held her head between her hands as the sound of the fallen gavel reverberated throughout City Council chambers. Then, raising her head, she quietly clapped her hands together and smiled to those around her. She had just received the news that she probably wasn’t going to have to shut down her business.

"Ann Arbor City Council met Monday night and unanimously voted to approve liquor licenses for two Ann Arbor businesses, Everyday Cook and Salsarita’s, sending them to their final step in acquiring a license. After receiving approval from City Council, the state of Michigan will then decide whether or not to issue licenses for both companies."

Jen, thanks for the update. I'll talk to Mary and get an update on her plans.

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