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I just went to Everyday Cook today and was SO sad to hear that my favorite lunch spot might be closing at the end of the month. =( Hopefully things will work out in the end.

"it's reasonably priced, and it's always excellent."

spoken like the truth. Everday Cook is my favorite place in AA, I too am sad to see it go.

It's not going to if people back up what they believe in.

We CAN NOT let this happen! I was heading over there today anyway and now that I know about this, will definitely be buying a membership. Mary, you are doing the right thing by giving us the opportunity to work with you on this. You have been so generous and have put together such a unique business, it is our turn to help you.

It's such a shame. One problem also, though, is the economy in general. With eating out becoming more of a luxury, can people afford to invest in this kind of scheme? If they can, though, they should. It's a fascinating business model - kind of like a CSA for restaurants. I hope that this works.

What Jen said. Personally, I can't swing the minimum $250 payment, but could probably do $100. (My district is unable, for whatever reason, to figure out summer school payments and we never get paid until the end. It's not like they've been around 100+ years. Oh wait, yes they have.)

I did email with the suggestion of an "associate membership" or something for those of us who aren't of high income levels.

PS: Neat to see the Al Dente blog link! I had some for dinner tonight.

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