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Wow, that sounds completely amazing. I have to see if we still have a waffle iron hanging out somewhere.

I love the idea. I have some bread I want to try it with. Now, I need to get a waffle iron! :D

I was recently having a buttermilk pancake craving, and my mom told me that you can make buttermilk by adding a tablespoon of cider vinegar to a cup of milk. It totally worked, and the pancakes came out lighter and fluffier than they have when I've used regular store-bought buttermilk. Who knew?

This does indeed sound like an amazing breakfast hybrid. I would add vanilla and raw sugar for even more deliciousness.

Belgian Toast? Ingenious!
I tried this in my Beligian waffle iron and they came out AWESOME!
I'm almost considering making this exclusively. I usually insist on only using a yeast batter for Belgian waffles, the recipe I use is too big a production for breakfast. This method is a keeper!

I hate to say this, but I heard a Rachael Ray "quick tip" on network TV yesterday and she did the same thing! Except she used challah instead of brioche. At any rate, I'll hold your version to be the original, as I enjoy your blog way more than what RR sometimes yammers about.

Well, we've never seen her on network TV, so it's a case of independent invention. Unless, of course, she swiped it from us... ;-)

After hearing that I'm not alone in discovering the wonder that is waffle toast, I did a quick search. Even the Sun-Maid raisin company has a waffle toast recipe! Using raisin bread, of course. I guess it's one of those ideas that must be spread. A waffle toast meme. Soon the whole world will be eating waffle toast!

We do this too, and had a Black and Decker waffle iron that was also a sandwich press (on the flat side-the grills came out and could be flipped over) so it expanded to accommodate thick pieces of challah.

We got our recipe and idea for the waffle iron use from Dorie Greenspan's Waffles from Morning to Midnight...a fab cookbook.

The only problem is that the waffle grates were incredibly hard to clean. Any tips on that???

Fran: our waffle iron doesn't seem to get dirty. Any bits that stick pop out easily once it's cooked dry or can be wiped out easily by a cloth. So unfortunately, I don't have any good advice for you.

Shut the front door!
This looks so good and crispy and would surely make my husband squeal with joy. He LOVES waffles and he LOVES french toast. I never thought to combine them into one. :)

Great idea, tried it myself with much success: http://mmmm-donut.blogspot.com/2008/06/waffle-iron-vs-french-toast.html

Wipe your hot waffle iron with oil on a paper towel or an expendable cloth. Allow it to smoke - then repeat.

Much like breaking in cast iron item. Now cook a batch! Wipe again with a clean cloth when finished.

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