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Try the blog annos-place.blogspot.com

She's another Ann Arbor area blogger and she makes paella frequently. I think she has a couple of posts about it, but you could just ask her in any case about the crust, etc. I really feel Paella is food of the gods. ;-) Your photos looked lovely.


I'm not familiar with the recipe you were using--but a good friend of ours from Valencia (the home of paella!) gave us some good general tips:

* Chicken, veggies, cook at a moderate heat.
* When you add your water/stock/whatever your recipe requires, cook it at a low temperature for about 20-30 mins, or until most of the liquid has evaporated.
* Now: put that burner on full-blast for 1-5 mins. I hover over the paella at this point & turn the heat down when I start smelling something burning. Here's where you're preparing your soccarat.
* Now to moisten that soccarat: cover the pan with a sheet of newspaper (our friend was very adamant about this), set your burner to low & cook for 15-25 minutes. The newspaper helps re-moisten the paella.

Let stand for about 10 mins. Serve. Eat it all up, as it'll be completely fantastic.

Hope this helps,


Hi Ray. The inlaws just passed on the recipe. We rarely have any newspaper on hand, but perhaps I can use a paper grocery bag.

I admire your fortitude in making paella. I have tried and failed miserably. The taste comes out all right but the appearance and texture leave a lot to be desired. Keep trying. I might just try it again out of sheer stubbornness.

Dr. Electro: are you using a paella pan?

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