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I love limes. In any way, shape or form. Two thoughts that come to mind - Mojito party and Thai food. Lots and lots of Thai food. Yum. Maybe with Mojito chasers?

First, take at least one bag, or maybe two -- zest the limes and squeeze the juice. Freeze the juice in ice cube trays. Measure the zest into 1 tablespoon lumps, and set them on a baking sheet. Freeze the lumps, and put them in a plastic bag. Then, when you need zest, just break off as many lumps as you need. For the rest? Limeade for a large party!

Ooh! Ooh! Mojito Summer Food Blogger Party!!!!!!

Lydia: I've already gone through two of the bags for the pies.

Jen & Patti: As for a Mojito party, I'm afraid that won't be the fate of these limes. They really need to be used within the next week. But more can be aquired...

One of my cookbooks (either The All-American Dessert Book or the Moosewood Dessert Book, probably the latter) has a recipe for lime cookies, similar to lemon squares - or was it shortbread with lime? Anyway, they were tasty. But probably would only use up a few limes...

I've long enjoyed your blog! Thanks for posting. Along the same lines as a limeade, but from a different tradition--you could make fresh lime soda. It is super popular in India and can be made sweet or salty. Essentially, the same as making a limeade, but substituting the water with fizzy water (and adding salt, if that sounds appealing).

That pie looks delicious- The only thing the picture is missing is some whipped cream!

Vimal, if you click through the first "key lime pie" link, you'll see the finished result, which has a baked merengue top.

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