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I detest Peeps and yet I am oddly attracted to them. My truly favorite Easter candy is jelly beans. Especially if they come in those little plastic eggs!

Looking at those Brach Basket Eggs reminds me of my youth too! I loved those and the solid white chocolate and milk chocolate bunnies my parents would always put in my basket. They also always had the little solid chocolate eggs and jelly beans in our baskets. I didn't like the jelly beans except for the liquorice ones.

My mom has a a picture of me and my brother standing next to each other holding our baskets in our Easter clothes. The funny thing about the picture is both of us are smiling at the camera but my brother is reaching into my basket to sneak out some candy while I'm oblivious to it all and he has an angelic look on his face. It is a cherished family picture.

thanks for the lovely Easter memories.

Well, my new favorites are those from Tammy's Tastings, thanks to your last post! We got some and have them to be the perfect holiday treat.

My old faves from childhood would include Cadbury creme eggs and the Brachs eggs you describe - but I particular like the German versions of these - they're out of this world!

Reeses Peanut Butter eggs were always my favorite. Generally, I like the smaller peanut butter cups better than the big ones, but I did love me some PB eggs. Also, when my mom worked at the Crowley's Department Store, she would bring me home Russell Stover chocolate eggs...the mint dream one was my favorite.
I have been eschewing bad/inexpensive chocolate as an adult. For some reason, I don't like Godiva (even though my mom made it our wedding favors), but I love Russell Stover. I also love the candy lady at Morgan and York (sorry, I forget the name of the company). That is some good chocolate!

Green and Black's makes a fabulous giant egg, also some v. nice small eggs, called 'praline' but with a completely different meaning from the US one.

Your nephew happily devoured the better part of a humongous Green and Black's dark chocolate egg. I made do with yellow marshmallow chicks (pink and blue just aren't the way nature made chicks). And they are best if a tiny bit stale - more crunchy on the outside..

I like the "creme eggs" with flavored fillings - maple, cherry, etc. I've found these at Meijer and Walgreen's in recent years (but didn't look this year). What I remember from my youth, but can't find anywhere, are large chocolate eggs that had fillings inside (like cherry and nuts) or were semi-hollow with fancy scenes (spun sugar, perhaps?).

Cadburry Creme Eggs, I used to get Minerva Street Truffles in my basket as well (a fine old A2 candy institution that has sadly gone away...)The malted robin's eggs are a treat too - and so pretty!

in my adulthood, i've learned that i must have these easter candies: Robin Eggs and the Cadbury chocolate eggs in the purple bags. YOu know, they are sort of like M&Ms: solid chocolate with candy shell, but they are egg-shaped and a little bigger. And the shell is matte rather than shiny. I don't know what it is but those eggs taste like nothing else!

I also must have a Cadbury creme egg even though I think they are pretty gross and overly sweet.

favorite? i think that's a tie between reese's eggs and cadbury eggs. i won't turn down a good jellybean, either.

least favorite, actually, are the ones in your photo - i hate those things!

I love the Bunny Basket eggs. I couldn't get enough of them as a kid. My Dad's Easter weakness was always the Brach's Marshmallow Peanuts. He wouldn't stop as long as there were any left. My older brother was totally hooked on Jordan Almonds. Mom was a chocaholic but not as bad as the rest of us. Thanks for reviving pleasant memories!

Where can we buy them? My husband loves these! I found this site because we're looking for some.

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