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This sounds like an absolutely fascinating book. I've been reading similar food/cultural history books on Italian American cooking for a writing project I'm working on, and I've been greatly enjoying the mix of recipes/history/culture.

Hi Lisa
I was Googling wok cooking blogs and came across your blog. Great to hear you like Asian cuisine. I think you would enjoy my delicious, homestyle,"no-recipe" Wok Star technique. It's totally different from recipe cookbooks. My lessons are on DVDs and I even have an audio cook-along so it's like having a private coach in your own home.

I have been teaching wok cooking for over 18 years and didn't realize there were so many misconceptions about wok cooking and the high heat required for a successful stir fry. So, I've developed my website to provide tons of information about these two topics.

In Asia, it's common to cook on a gas stove and I've got a great solution for all the electric stove owners - a 10,000 portable butane gas stove, safe for indoor use and can sit right on top of an electric coil or glass flat cooktop!

My mother introduced me to cast iron woks and I'm passionate about spreading the word. I have tried many when doing research and nothing touches cast iron for flavor and texture.

Wok parties are great because you can get your kids and guests to participate. My friends can always count on getting a free lesson when they come for dinner. Everyone enjoys learning tips on how to save time and yet make quick, easy, scrumptious dinners!

I'm working on a cookbook, titled Wok Star, all about my simple approach to wok cooking that's fun and fast.

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