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I came, I saw, and I ate some. And it was very, very good. Angel food cake + whipped cream = heaven.

It was awesome! I want more! I'll do a 1940s theme next year and we can make more shit with Jello! (That's a good name for a band...Shit With Jello :))

Thanks for making it! If I didn't have somewhat of a weight problem, I would have eaten the whole thing!!!!

How fabulously retro! I loved the presentation, too.

Actually, there was something similar, I think, in this issue or last issue of Cook's Country.

That looks fabu. I can't help but think about it being a good thing that a safer red dye has been found since this recipe was published...there was, what?, maybe going on a decade there in which this would have been hard to do because maraschino cherries were not readily available.

What a stunning addition. I love it!

Ooooh, one day we should have a Kitchen Chick Bloggers Party Like It's the 1950s Party and we can all bake such scrumpdiddly-dumtious goodies! More cake!!! :) :)

Oooh! Ahhhhh... Fancy!

I am in awe. So is your nephew who points, repeatedly, and says: "I want THAT cake! MY cake!"

Hello from upper michigan. Mmm that cake looks amazing. I wouldn't mind trying this sometime.

I remember my mother making one of those when I was a boy. Yes, I am a true child of the Fifties. Mickey Mouse ears and Davy Crockett coonskin included. However, I begged Mom to make another of these delights and she never did it again. I guess she thought it was too much work.

There might be no more ominous phrase than "Reader, I baked it."

Thanks for this! I want to make it for my Exchange Student daughter's birthday when she comes to visit from Germany. When I went to my vintage BH&G cookbook to refresh my memory about what goes in the filling, much to my horror, page 126 was missing! You saved the day!!

My sister and I share a birthday, and this has been THE cake for 50+ years. Mom would freeze the cake after putting it all together, and we never needed ice cream. Pineapple tidbits work well for the garnish - easier than chunks.

I've made this cake for my husband's birthday every year for 30 years. I started by reading the recipe,but when I "lost" it, I would just "wing it"because I knew it be heart. I just felt like going back to the original, and I'm glad I did. Can't wait to make it again. His birthday is Dec. 9th.

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