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How funny that today I posted about doughnuts and one of the doughnuts I made was paczki because no one here in my office knew what they were!

Of course, being a good Michigan girl, I had to introduce the "heathens" in my office to raspberry filled ones! I so miss a good Hamtramck paczki, the ones they sell out here on the east coast are just jelly filled doughnuts :-(

My Polish friends also comment about the misuse of Pierogi. According to them, it's incorrect and redundant to add the letters -es- (Pierogies) because Pierogi is the plural of Pierog.

I love it! The audio pronunciation guide! Any chance you can get this played as a real PSA on local radio stations? :^) :^)

I wish we could... maybe someone should point them to us (or to Wikipedia).

I linked to this post from the Arborwiki Paczki page:


There's also a Wikipedia Paczki Day page which is redirected to Shrove Tuesday:


which needs a bit of love to make it more correct since it lumps Michigan traditions in with Poland traditions.


Since about March, 1683, the Turks were preparing for an attack on the Hapsburg capital, Vienna, and were gathering their forces together rather rapidly. By June, they had invaded Austria, and King Leopold and his court fled to Passau. On July 14, the Turks reached Vienna. They laid siege to the great city. One of the disadvantages that the Turks had was that they did not have sufficient heavy artillery. The defenders fought bravely but their food supply and their ammunition were growing low. The Turks had made some breaches in the walls but their effort was hindered by the barricades erected by the people of Vienna.

Earlier that year on March 31, 1683, King John III Sobieski had signed the Treaty of Warsaw with the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold. In this treaty, it was agreed to come to one's aid if the Turks attacked either Krakow or Vienna. Following his agreement in the treaty and the appeal of the pope, Sobieski marched to Vienna with an army of about 30,000 men(of which 12,000 were "winged Husaria" & 1,000 cannons [Poland one of the 1st European countries to use artillery].) Sobieski said that his purpose for going to Vienna was "to proceed to the Holy War, and with God's help to give back the old freedom to besieged Vienna, and thereby help wavering Christendom."

Upon reaching Vienna, he joined up with the Austrians and Germans. Sobieski planned to attack on the 13th of September, but he had noticed that the Turkish resistance was weak. When he ordered full attack, he completely surprised Kara Mustafa.

However, Sobieski wanting to support his Husaria with his artillery discovery that his army forgot the cannon balls back in Poland. Quick thinking of his days with his matka making her heavy paczki, Sobieski appealed to the populace of Vienna to use up their valuable stores of flour and oil to make paczki. THEY COMPIED! After letting the paczki sit for three days , they became the "perfect organic cannon balls."

Sobieski and his Husaria, which is Polish heavy cavalry, alongside with the cooperation of all army, supported by the Polish paczki firing cannon played an important role in the victory.

Sobieski with his Husaria charged toward Kara Mustafa's headquarters and seeing this, Mustafa's army fled in panic. Even so, the Turkish army suffered heavy losses. This victory freed Europe from the Ottoman Turks and their invasions and secured Christianity as the main religion in all of Europe.

So impressed were both Emperor Leopold and Kara Mustafa with Sobieski's paczki that even to this day the paczki is celebrated and eaten troughout Europe and Turkey. However, good Poles, we know that the majority of the world has ignored King Jan III Sobieski and the Polish saving of Vienna; we must rejoice in the fact that "JESZCZIC PACZKI" (THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A PACZKI!)

Enjoy your paczki with some Viennese coffee,

Charles Jan Bar(czewski) ;-)

so waht exactly makes paczki different from jelly doughnuts? (sorry... i live in mi now but am not from here)

and if i am only going to try one flavor, which should it be? traditional plum?

Robyn: they are, more or less, the same. You could say that a paczki is a Polish version of the jelly doughnut. In my experience the generic American jelly doughnut has a rather bland dough and, at cheap doughnut places, the filling is often commercial processed "fruit" filling that might have, in another life, resembled real fruit. A true paczki has a richer dough — you should be able to taste the butter and egg in it — and the filling should be a real preserved fruit filling.

Oh, as to what flavor... yes, plum is traditional, so give that a try if you like. But in the end, get whatever flavor is your favorite, and you'll be happiest. I'm not a big fan of plum filling, but I adore raspberry.

I wanted to throw out a big "thank you" to getting out the word on Copernicus bakery and their Paczki. My wife and I stopped by after work last night and got some plum, custard, and rose (raspberry and strawberry sold out). Absolutely yummy. I did feel for the poor staff who looked to be out of wind after a very long and busy day. Only 364 more days!

We got the Copernicus paczki this year. The owner told me they were from Canada...

They were delicious, especially the custard and the lekvar. I didn't try the rose, but maybe next year.

I think I'm going to have to try the Amadeus ones, though.

And Copernicus is a treasure in so many ways!

I'm from Poland and I've eaten lots of paczki in my life, but the best are the home-made ones (my granny owns in frying paczki, rly ^_^ and pierogi, too :) ).
Greetings from Poland!

What date should I put on my calendar for Paczki Day 2009?

Fat Tuesday will be Feb 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday in 17 days! Time to get ready.

Hi there! I'm a native Michigander (Ann Arborite) transplanted to Texas. There are no paczki here! Do you know of any places that pack and ship (fedex) paczki?
Obviously it's too late this year - I didn't keep track of what day Fat Tuesday was - but I am about to put it on my calendar for next year!

I lived in Michigan and am now in Arizona. There is not a good bakery here that makes the Paczkis. I have had to explain it to people out here. I miss all the good cultural food for there. All the differrent tasts of the different countreis. Makes me homesick sometimes.

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