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Yup, had that pork bun when I was there with Joe and ordered a second to go - they were good cold too!

yes!!! this place was so good i wrote about too!


oh!! i have been looking for a place to get those sandwiches in mi and just assumed there were none!!

Its pretty easy to make them actually. Its one of my husband's favorite sandwiches. You got to eat them with a dash of soy sauce, Vietnamese ketchup, and voila, yummy.

This place is great and as far as I know know the only spot to get Bahn Mi in Metro Detroit. For even better pho, go another mile to 13 Mile and Deqindre Pho Hang, which has the best Pho in Detroit.

I love the vietnamese soup there!

i like the food but i like the girl that works there even more

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