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Cool -- I work near A2 so I might actually be able to check some of these out!

We did gorge ourselves on the La Shish bread this weekend...a guilty pleasure.

make with the trip pictures. Love virtual travel...


In search of the divine

musings on the moon

meditations on the nth root of unity

Peace and blessings for the New Year.

PSS...Look it this way. Each word is a pebble.

In fact, each image, thought, idea is a pebble.

Oddly enough, only one pebble, the right one

will make the ever widening ripples that not only

make the water dance

but, moreover,

plumb hereto fore untold depths

from the heart to the soul and beyond.

ooh, thanks the reports. i didn't even consider La Zamaan cuz i was so upset about Pilar's closing!

the other stuff sounds good too... even though i don't find myself in kerrytown often...

I love the bread at Charlie's, but I will definitely try that new Lebanese place! I miss Shahrayar.

RobynT: don't blame La Zamaan for Pilar's closing!

Telfair & Tricia: Ali told us that La Zamaan was gonig to be making their own bread on site starting *this* week!

Poetryman: ni hao! and thanks for the poem.

I look forward to the completion of teh reporting on the Spain trip. We are going to Andalucia in April and I am looking for tips and dishes to try. Very exciting stuff so far!

We went to La Zamaan on the 19th and they were still getting bread delivered. But our meal was tasty and delicious! The chicken was cooked to perfection - really, everything was. Service was not great (as mentioned in the News review) but we weren't in a hurry so it didn't matter.

Tricia, I think Ali was being optimistic. I was there a week or so ago, and they weren't yet making bread. (He's a very busy guy. In addition to running La Zamaan, he works several other jobs including teaching Arabic at UM.)

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