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Ooooh, blogger meet up/cookie exchange is a fabulous idea!! Before I started blogging, I remember hearing that some folks had blogging meet ups in the area. What a super idea :)

Main is a mess during rush hours. Not compared to a major city, obviously, but you can do yourself a big favor by doing your north-south traveling on the side streets. Downtown seems designed that way with the parking structure entrances off of Main and wide, one-way streets (Division, Fifth, Ashley, etc.) paralleling it and allowing faster transit.

As for Melange, I still haven't gone, but I have seen the restaurant and it looks really nice. The same can be said about their website and menu. Cool, slick, undoubtedly professional design. They have a lot of entrees just under the $20 price point, and when you consider that some of the... lower quality restaurants in that part of town have similar pricing, it seems like a steal. Though I was shocked to see that their edamame is $7.

I'm game for your cookie exchange - and check out my AA based food blog. http://motherskitchen.blogspot.com

I've enjoyed yours for quite some time!

Hey Mom's Kitchen--I checked out your blog--love it :) I hate housework too, but love the other stuff.

Now of course you have to check out MY blog...and so it goes :)


Melange is several cuts above the rest of Main streets eateries even if it is below grade.

I tell out of town friends that we know the best places in town. Melange tops the list!

One of A2's undiscovered treats!

So I guess Melange isn't the fake ad in this month's Observer, huh? And yes, North Main is always bad that time of day - commuters in a rush often block cyclists like me from crossing, by pulling into an intersection they know they won't be able to cross before the light changes - grrr!!!

I like Melange' for a glass of wine ever so often--and the atmosphere is so relaxing and cozy. I am especially fond of their scallop entree' (even thought they took the wonderful appetizer version off the menu...boo!)

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