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Dalat makes an excellent banh xeo, though it's oilier than other places. If you are near downtown Ann Arbor and need a fix you can find it at « Saigon Garden, though in general the quality of their dishes does not come close to Dalat.

Thanks for the info! I never noticed it on Saigon Garden's menu, though it's been a while since I've eaten there.

I remember WE! I hadn't thought about it in years, but I used to go there a lot. Thanks for the tasty memory!

I regularly eat lunch at Saigon Garden, but always order one of a few things. I'm going to have to try these!

Oh my god - please post the recipe immediately! I love Banh Xeo and would love to take a shot. I always thought there was egg - interesting.

Another vote for the recipe, please!

So, I have the Saigon Garden carry-out menu here on my desk, and I can't find this dish. The Vietnamese name is not there, and I can't find anything described as crepes. I know that much of their restaurant menu is also on the carry-out menu (e.g. the 'hot pot' dishes are there) but maybe this menu is not fully complete. Drat. Guess I won't be trying these today!

Is it true that Dalat is closed? My friend visited last night (Thursday) at 7:30 and there was no one home. Tell me this is just a temporary thing...

Banh Xeo is hella good. If u try it, u might die wen u taste it. AWESOME!!!

They look delicious, but I've nearly given up trying to make anything but wheat-based crepes or crepe-like foods.

I'm going to poke around your blog and see if there's a tip I can glean about making these without the crepes "gluing themselves to the pan." Steamed mung bean sprouts, mushrooms, onions, and a mint/cilantro dipping sauce? Sounds like it's worth the effort!

More oil or a non-stick pan?

More oil is good - we spread a film of oil throughout the pan w/ a wad of cotton.
More heat can also work - results in crispier banh xeo, too.
But the simplest thing to try is to wait. If banh xeo is not coming off easily, it might not be cooked just yet. Give it another minute or so and try to lift again. On medium high heat, should take about 2 minutes per half side (you have 1/2 the pan over the flame, let that cook, then lift the half over to cover the uncooked side, then cook the other half.)

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