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One of the few food privileges of my early youth was trips to a farm that sold their own raw, unpasteurized honey. In a time when eating pure sugar was considered OK for a kid, my family had no problem letting me consume copious amounts of honey directly from the jar. As I aged those trips to the farm ceased, and I was forced to live off of the ultra-processed grocery store Hunny™, losing any use for it except as sweetener in a cup of tea.

Like you, I now know the difference between the ambrosia of my preschool days and what I was forced to consume later. Thanks to a roommate in college whose father was a beekeeper (and sold Mason jars by the quart for only $10), I re-experienced what honey is supposed to be. Now I never pass up the opportunity to buy locally produced, raw honey, and I've found MI to be a great state to find it.

As for Colony Collapse Disorder, it's still incredibly poorly understood, but I wrote a blog about one hypothesis for its cause.

I really wasn't a fan of store bought honey. I bought Dancing Crain Honey recently and it totally changed my way of thinking. I absolutely love the taste and freshness of this honey. I am now a believer.

This honey photo was beautiful. The post makes me think about my greadparents honey hives and eating honey and wax all together and then chewing on the wax like gum for an hour or so.

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