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Outstanding! Thanks for the review. I've been eager to try the place but was waiting for a guinea pig...

What Alex said. And thanks for the fabulous pictures :)

thanks for this! i'm going to post a link to your review on my Facebook page. i've been telling folks about this place since reading your review and can't wait to try it myself.

Thank you so much for the review. Another good reason to visit AA.

We tried Cafe Habana last night, and overall it was very good. Between four of us we had the Ropa Vieja, the Churasco Chimichurri, the Ajiaco, and Quesadillas (for a lighter appetite). On the plus side, all were extremely flavorful, and the side dishes (e.g., spinach, rice, tostones) were excellent. On the downside, the biggest problem was that the meat in the Ropa Vieja was incredibly fatty. Other problems were more minor (e.g., the Ropa Vieja had far more green peppers than I'd want, or that I've seen in other versions of this dish). The service was excellent. And desserts we tried were terrific (flan, churros). We'll definitely go back, although we'll avoid the Ajiaco next time.

Charles, thanks for the review. Why would you avoid the Ajiaco? (Or did you mean to type that the meat in the Ajiaco was too fatty? I would definitely let them know - they seemed eager for customer feedback.)

As you can see from my photo, my plate of ropa vieja wasn't particularly pepper-full. I really enjoyed mine, so I am curious to see if yours is a fluke or a change in their recipe.

Whoops -- yes, I meant to write that the meat in the Ajiaco was incredibly fatty. That's why we'd skip the Ajiaco next time (even though the broth was very flavorful). The meat in the Ropa Vieja was wonderful.

Thanks for the review.

We tried Cafe Habana last night for the first time and we fell in love. The interior design is inspired, and we thoroughly enjoyed the food. (goat cheese apertizer, sugar cane shrimp, churros were highlights for me.)

Will definitely go again, soon!

went there last night. the ajiaco was sooo good! yeah, it was a little fatty, but the taste was amazing. it didn't have the corn like in the picture, but those look a bit unwieldy anyway.

the ropa vieja was good too, but not as unique as the ajiaco. and honestly mine was a little cold.

the churros and flan were also great. the chocolate sauce for the churros was so good, but not very spicy. it was a pretty big dessert too--good for sharing. our waitress recommended all the desserts except the coconut turnover.

I cringed when you seemed to imply that Cuba was a Central American country: "The Ann Arbor-Ypsi area no longer lacks for good cheap taquerias, but we are short on other Central American cuisines — so when the sign for Cafe Habana went up in the former Shalimar space on Washington Street, we held our breaths." Cuban culture and food (& geography for that matter) are very different from those of Central America. They should never, never, never be lumped together.

Hmm. I agree, that didn't come out right.

If Cafe Habana were actually a pure Cuban restaurant, we wouldn't have said that. However, it's also got items like tacos al pastor (a Mexican dish which came out of the Lebanese immigrant community in Mexico), quesadillas, and so on. While the theme is Cuban and a lot of the dishes are, their scope is broader than just Cuban cuisine.

Of course, given that it's also got South American items like chimichurri sauce, it probably would have been more technically correct to say "Latin American" or "Latin American - Caribbean". I've corrected it to "Latin American," but we're open to suggestions.

Ajiaco, "national dish of Cuba," is a traditional meat and vegetable stew served with a tasty wedge of yuca bread is soooo sayur asem, indonesian food

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