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I suggest chopping up a jalepeno or two and adding it to the lime/sugar mixture in the midst of its simmering. I usually strain them out before I turn the sorbet, but save them, candied jalepeno bits are awesome in their own right.

I made lime sorbet a few weeks ago, but I added mini chocolate chips - because I'm a firm believer that most things can be made a little bit better with the addition of mini chocolate chips. :^)

Hi me and my bff made this cause we grow imes on our farm and thi is amazing :)

锘縂enderless world

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These cyborgs will listen to techno music and regard easy listening music and house music as "illogical" in their circuit banks. Violence and emotions will be abolished, as well as generalized warfare and beauty. There will be no hearing impaired, visually impaired, or mentally challenged people as birth defects can be eliminated at the fetus stage, before the child is considered a "living being" during the sixth month of gestation.

A genderless world also means that there will be no difference between women's clothes and men's clothes. A woman might put on a tuxedo to a fancy ball or a man might try to put on a evening dress and this will all be socially accepted. In the future, women will wear either "macho clothing" or "dainty clothing." Likewise, men will either wear "dainty clothing" or "macho clothing." Cross-dressing will become an obsolete phrase as men and women can wear anything that they want to, without being labelled as a sufferer of a mental illness. However, underwear will only be found in colder climates (unless the wearer is a woman). custom mens suits

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