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Thanks for the blast from the past about Drakes! I worked in that area of Ann Arbor for years and loved to have lunch there. I'm going to go make myself some lime-ade right now!

Hello from Singapore
I love anything sourish and this looks so good, thanks for sharing...


The pie looks delicious and I loved reading about drake's too!

The browned curls on the meringue are perfect! I love citrus desserts too.

I used to work at Drakes!!! that's right, for about a month of my freshman year at U of M, I worked behind the counter at Drakes. As I remember, the drinks were the fun part, but it was hard to make the various sandwiches. Some were toasted, others were not, pickes on this, who knows what on that...combined with the miniscule pay, I left for a better gig at accu-copy.

Thanks, all.

Meg, glad to hear you enjoyed Drake's too. Drake's was a really special place. I wish Ann Arbor could have found a way to preserve it. I've actually avoided stepping into the store that took over Drake's location because I just don't want to "overwrite" my memories.

Brooklynguy: so how'd you decide to work for Drake's?

This looks so delicious and the recipe is completely unintimidating! For some reason I had it in my head that Key Lime Pie was complicated. How wrong I've been. I'm totally jealous that you were able to eat this.

Every six months or so, my best friend and I sigh over the demise of Drakes. That sets us off on a litany of lost places in Ann Arbor.

FYI, the Ann Arbor News published a recipe for Drake's limeade sometime this year. Paraphrasing here, but it was basically a shot of simple syrup, the juice of half a lime, ice and fill up with water.

To get the full effect, I think you have to drink it with a straw. It tasted pretty close to me, and I also tried it with orange juice to make orange aid.

Now I want a Stanford (olive salad, iceberg, cream cheese on white toast) and candy for lunch, just like in high school!

Made your key lime pie recipe this weekend - one with the graham crust and another in a plain crust. Amazing results. The pie set beautifully and the meringue was gorgeous. I added bits of lime zest to the meringue and found that a pinch of cream of tartar was about 1/4+ teaspoon. I, my taste buds, and my ego (for all the complements I received) thank you for sharing this recipe.

Danette - I'm so glad that you enjoyed the key lime pie. It's one of my favorite summer desserts. (Bittman's book is full of great recipes, so check it out. How to Cook Everything)

Sad about Drake's. I went to U of M for two years and would eat lunch there very frequently. I'd always get a limeade, but I'm not really a sandwich person, so I'd always get the bean soup. Yes, real, gen-u-wine Campbell's bean soup from the can. Ah, Drake's.

A pinch of nutmeg will enhance the lime flavor and give an aromatic zing tot his pie

I did everything EXACTLY how you explained to above and the pie turned out like complete shit. Thanks a bunch! I tried making this for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day but I can't feed him this. Have any of you who commented on this recipe actually tried making the pie? It seems simple enough, doesn't it? Sure, too bad it tastes inedible and looks like shit!

Well, Cat, not knowing exactly what you did, I can't comment on why yours did not turn out well.

I have made this pie about 20 times since I posted this recipe, and I always get tons of raves. It always looks just like the above picture (which I happen to think doesn't look like shit) and tastes fantastic with tons of lime flavor, rich buttery graham crust, and sweet meringue on top. If you read all of the comments, you'd read that danette, above, reported great results, too.

I had issues with this pie too: the custard was way too sweet, the meringue wouldn't stiffen until I added granulated sugar, and when I let it cool after baking the meringue, the meringue separated from the custard beneath and left a clear, sticky liquid around it. Any idea what went wrong?

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