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The picture of almejas has to be one of the most beautiful food pictures...the picture itself and the desire for mussels it evokes!
Thank you for sharing.

You absolutely made this come to life! I feel full reading it. Thank you.

Your story is fabulous and timely, because not only are scheduled for a trip to Lisbon next week where we are dying to once again eat their olive oil baked octopus with just a touch of lemon (I'm salivating already), but we also have a wedding in Galicia in September. Although we have lived in Spain for 3 years, I still have not found my way to that neck of the woods, and I am so excited drink Albarino with their seafood dishes! Thanks for the story, and out of curiosity, did you go to a restaurant called, Delicatessen (based on the French film), in Salamanca? If not, put it on your list for your second trip here to Spain!~

We didn't, no. But that's kind of a strange theme for a restaurant, given what kind of meat the delicatessen in that movie serves... ;-)

Yeah, I would have to agree with you that basing your restaurant on, well, you know the topic I'm referring to, is a little risque, but the irony is so priceless. We ate there a few years ago and had an incredible lunch with great service (something that is difficult to come across in Spain). Great decor as well!

Hi! I've been living in Ann Arbor for the past five months, but I'm from Galicia. I found your blog before coming to AA and I've been reading it since then. I can't tell you what a pleasant surprise has been to read your post on "pulpo a la gallega con cachelos". Thank you for that!! Though, it's a shame that you hadn't had pulpo in Galicia, where it's always served on a wooden dish (it really makes a difference).


We'll check it out when we get back to Salamanca. We're considering doing one of their 2-week intensive Spanish classes in the next couple years. (I speak it, but as I mostly learned mine on the fly from a bunch of Mexico City cops, I have some gaps. KC speaks less than I do.)


We do have to go to Galicia in the future. I expect we'll return to Spain again and again...

The second place we had pulpo a la gallega did serve it on a wooden dish, but it wasn't as good as Casa Chicho's. Maybe Kitchen Chick will post the picture. (Hint!)

P.S. to Raquel: if you've got any cool Galician (Gallego? not sure how to say that) recipes, please feel free to pass them on... or, you know, invite us over to dinner to do a photo shoot. ;-)

Dear friends,

This is Chicho, Casa Chicho's main chef. I just write you to thank you for such a nice review. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. You are always very welcome to my place and if you ever come back I'll be very please in sharing a glass of wine with you all.

Best Regards.


PS: About pulpo a la gallega on wooden dish, we don't use it because when you clean it, you never eliminate the dirt completely and there's a risk of contamination... ;-)

Chicho -- it's wonderful that you found us! Next time we make it to Salamanca (and we will) we are coming to your place as soon as we get to town.

That was the best pulpo a la gallega we had on our entire trip.

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