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I got to eat some of this amazing dessert, and can I just say, it was the best homemade dessert I've ever had in my entire 30some years.

If you enjoy cooking, you really should make this one and wow your friends.

OMG, that looks delicious! I was seriously bummed when most of the sour cherry u-pick places were not open this year due to freezes. However, I did pick a few quarts of both red and black currants and will be experimenting with currant-custard tart and some jellies.

Kate: what a bummer! Whenever I miss a particular u-pick fruit in a given year, I look forward to it even more the next year. So fingers crossed that next year's sour cherry crop will be better!

Inspired by your post, I picked up some sour cherries this week, and am trying to decide whether or not to try this recipe. But here's what has me confused - what's with the latticey pie crust on a "cobbler"? I thought the whole point of the cobbler genre was to avoid all the work of a pie?? Does Martha have anything to say about this choice of name?

Tricia: I agree that the lattice crust seems odd on a "cobbler", but that's what Martha called it. Maybe she didn't want to call it a "pie" because there is no side/bottom crust.

This sounds great but along the same "great" line is Martha's recipe for Sour Cherry Slab Pie which I found on her website and printed. I have made it several times and now with a new batch of sour cherries from the tree outside my kitchen window, will make it again! Can't wait to try this cobbler as recommended by YOU!

Hi Nan: I'd love to hear if these two Martha recipes are the same dessert packaged up two different ways or if they are different, and if so, which is better.

By the way, I ended up making "chocolate cherry purses" with sour cherries last year. Yum (and easy, too!)


and then I made a cherry nut crumble, using the cherry filling you have here with a crumble topping from a Moosewood cookbook. Also yum. Is it almost time for cherries? I'm getting hungry...

Thanks for the great recipe- looked all over the web for just the right thing to do with the fresh tart cherries from the farmers market. The solution to the watery pie- it wasn't cooked long enough. My first pie was watery. I cooked the second pie for an extra 15 minutes and the luscious cherry goo set up perfectly. Make sure you have an oven thermometer. If you are much above 400 deg- your crust will finish before the cherries set up. Also, put a 2" rim of foil around the edges to keep them from burning.

Thanks again for the recipe.

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