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Wow, that flor looks like something only fairies could eat. So delicate!

May be you can ask for hand made one, there where you live. I have two very old, each one from different grandmother (family's memory), and there are several models (flower forms):

· Photo 1
· Photo 2
· Photo 3
· Photo 4

I dunno. May be you can find it in a old Hardware store in Salamanca, but I haven't seen it yet in stores. Both (photos) are hand made, heavy iron, called "de forja" in spanish.

You have a delicious blog!
Best Regards.

Nach, those are beautiful!

Fortunately we were able to a friend from Spain to find one in a hardware store (I would have never known to look there!) and ship it to us. I haven't tried it yet, but maybe I'll do that this weekend.

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