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Oh, that's exciting. I'll go try that soon. Cold noodles w/ sesame sauce is possibly my favorite snack. I would try it at every little place I could when I lived in NYC. I've been underwhelmed by most of what I've found around Ann Arbor, but I haven't tasted everyone's take on it by any means.

For a very different take on it (which I really like) try Szechuan West's version.

Based on your and J's recommendation I ate there yesterday for lunch.


I had: anise-seed beef wrapped in something yummy and fried
spicy shrimp rolls
taiwanese potstickers
salt -pepper chicken
wuxi ribs

I can't say enough good things about the anise-seed beef or the wuxi ribs. The salt-pepper chicken, despite a rave review in the newspaper clipping in the restaurant, was missable.

I asked about the daily specials in Chinese and the server tried to tell me they were the lunch specials on the menu. I persevered and was rewarded with the spicy shrimp things and the anise-seed beef.

We've got to try those ribs...

Glad you liked it!

...and now I've been back again. The pig's ear is great - cold, salty, vinegar-y, just perfect. I also had the watercress with garlic, which was good but rendered me socially unacceptable for the rest of the day.

Do the owners have another place in the Novi (MI) area? Please let me know!

Nice post KC! When you finally make it to Asian Legend's regular menu, you've got to try the tofu in the earthenware pot. I don't remember the dish name, but it's basically fried tofu in a sweetish brown sauce with bamboo and snowpeas. Delicious!

Manya: we pretty much had our lifetime quota of pig's ears in Zheng Zhou, but if you say they're good here, we may have to try them again. ;-)

lightcnd: I think they do have another place in Metro Detroit, but can't remember if it's Novi or not.

nate: Thanks fr the tip; that sounds great!

i tried the onion pancake beef wrap and it was very tasty. thanks for the recommendation!

There used to be a great Tiwanese restaurant in Livonia that moved in Februrary to Ann Arbor. It was called Empire Szechuan Garden and it was great. I miss it so much.

Next time I'm in Ann Arbor, I will be sure to try Asian Legend.

I wonder if the same people that ran Empire Szechuan now run Asian Legend?

I wonder if the same people that ran Empire Szechuan now run Asian Legend?

That sounds right, but I don't know for sure.

Hey Clay C, Joe, Kitchen Chick's Husband, and lightcnd,
The owners used to have a place in Troy. They moved to Livonia (yes, it was called Empire Szechuan) and finally moved to Ann Arbor in March. I hope that helps!


Yes, he's the same owner.
I know him personally, they are great people and know how to cook.

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