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Yay, I'm getting Lidia's cookbook from the library this weekend. Can't wait!

I love Lidia. Her show is one of my favorite cook shows. But I am always hesitate to try her recipe because it's for a big family and I only cook for myself. Maybe next time I'll invite a bunch of people to my house or something.

I would have loved to see a cooking show behind the scenes. and I Love Lidia. were was this at, I did a google search but no luck.


Shayne: this was at "everyday cook" in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

thank you so much I found their blog (http://everyday-wines.blogspot.com) and it looks so cool I am going to have to find time to get out there and take one of those classes! this is my kinda thing. I knew were to get classes like this in Grand Rapids but now to know that they are just 20 minutes down the road I am geeked.


I've become a fan of Lidia's recipes. I love her recipes and usually tweak them to accommodate what I have on hand or just preferences - but am always inspired by her.

I wish I could have been there!

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