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Those look so good. They don't even look hot and spicy. I love shrimp and the spicer the better.

That book sounds like a keeper. I just started going through Revolutionary Chinese Cooking which focuses on Hunan cuisine. It would be interesting to compare both.

I just realized the Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook i mentioned above is also by Fuchsia Dunlap, the same author of Land of Plenty.

Rachel: You're right. They were surprisingly not very spicy, though I think I could make them spicier.

We have the Hunan one, too, and have about twenty or so recipes earmarked for trial. I'm looking forward to trying a Hunan version of Ma Po Dou Fu.

We love Land of Plenty! The Ma po dou fu is one of our favorite dishes as well as the pan fried dumplings (can't recall the actual name of the recipe). I have to get her new book, Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook.

it was fun to meet the kitchen chick on 2/22 at everyday cook' she sure can mince these shallots

Barbara: We're enjoying her new book. Hunan cuisine uses a lot of fermented black beans, which I really like.

Francis: Enchantée de faire votre connaissance. J'espère qu'il y aura un jour quand je peux parler en français avec assurance. À la prochaine!

I checked this book out of the library before I bought it. I'm glad I did because I dont like spicy foods, I think I'd like the hunan one a lot better.

The Hunan recipes are pretty spicy too. If you like Chinese food but don't like spicy, your best bet is to find a good Cantonese or Hong Kong style cookbook. I don't have a particular one to recommend off the top of my head, but the general Chinese ones will have quite a number of those dishes.

Randi: ditto what Joe said. Hunanese cuisine does use chilis, and a number of their dishes are local takes on Sichuan versions. So definitely take a look at the book before you buy.

I was looking for a shrimp recipe for dinner tonight and stumbled across this recipe. I think I will try it out. I'm sure my family will enjoy. Thanks for sharing this great recipe

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