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I just visited china and would love to find an authentic cook book for many of the dishes we tried. Is Land of Plenty such a book?

Yes. It's Sichuan cuisine. (I don't what parts of China you visited and what regional cuisines you tried.) The author is from Britain and studied Chinese culinary schools in China and traveled all over China, so she brings together knowledge of both the cuisine and the challenges that Western cooks face trying to recreate authentic dishes at home. The other good thing about newer Chinese cookbooks like this one is that they take into account the greater availability of Chinese ingredients, so fewer substitutions are used in the recipes.

Delurking to tell you that I love your site. I was "visiting" Chocolate and Zucchini and saw a comment you wrote about the feast of the epiphany. I believe the book you are looking for is The Happy Orpheline by Natalie Savage Carlson. Enjoy!

NJSue: yes, that's it! Also, I'm glad you like my site. Thanks!

i've been looking all over for a recipe to make this dish at home. yours is great! thanks!

Thanks so much for posting this recipe and your cooking experience. My husband and I went to China last summer and were blown away by this dish! After we found your post, we cooked this for our friends and they too were in awe! :)

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