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I found some very good food & wine treats under my tree--including a number of restaurant gift certificates. One for Craigie St. Bistrot in Cambridge has already been enjoyed and reviewed on my blog. Also got a very nice napa cab that will go with the filet mignon I'm making tonight for New Year's.

Sounds like a great present!

In early December, I was in Zingerman's to get olive oil and vinegar for my husband to take to relatives. I tried some of the oils they had out for tasting and one was magnificently wonderful (it wasn't this one, though) - but something like $50 for a little bottle. I wasn't feeling that grandiose, and ended up buying an olive oil / balsamic combo they package. Once my husband got to the relatives' house, he found out they don't actually like balsamic vinegar very much - so he brought it home and put it under the tree for me!

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